Tip: Always keep your hair on point.

I have an extreme obsession with having perfect hair, and no company does hair better than Black Velvet hair company! Their selections of authentic, high quality hair is flown straight from India and is perfect for all types of women - whether you are looking to add inches or want

Anastasia Beverly Hills lipgloss

Okay, so I was never a fan of lipstick or lip-gloss because I felt as if it shined a negative light on me, but that all changed when I discovered Anastasia – a top brand in cosmetics that’s highly recommended by yours truly. I’ve never been so obsessed with makeup!

Why coconut oil?

Dry hair? Coconut Oil Chapped lips? Coconut Oil Stretch marks? Coconut Oil Glowing Skin? Coconut Oil Make-up remover? Coconut Oil Under eyes serum? Coconut Oil Body scrub? Coconut Oil + sea salt/sugar There are very few beauty products that we can trust.One of my favorite products i started using last year is coconut oil it is