Manage your money

When your earning an income much larger than you originally had, it’s easy to make a lot of unnecessary purchases, you have to remember all good things come to an end the best thing to do is stay on top of your finances!

1.) This one is obviously a no-brainer but i must stress pay off all your debts. You should only spend extra money if you lower the amount of debt.

2.) The last thing you want to do is be all decked out in the baddest pieces but your bank account is dry don’t overspend for overpriced good unless someone other than you is directly paying for it.

3.) Invest, Invest, Invest, establish a budget and establish a foundation. Do your research and Look into Purchasing a home Open a Roth IRAc stocks, and bonds.

4.) Practice compassion give back there is nothing wrong with rewarding ourselves but there is no greater feeling using your resources to help others in need.

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